MirriNor pink sparkling wine box sample

MirriNor have created a new sparkling wine box sample that demonstrates the stunning metallic effects when working with MirriNor.  MirriNor is a silver laminated board that combines a high quality, metallic silver film from Mirri with Smurfit Kappa’s patented and groundbreaking T-Flute microflute corrugated board.

This combination creates a highly innovative premium metallic board product offering a high quality finish with great printability, environmental credentials and the revolutionary characteristics of Smurfit’s T-Flute Microflute corrugated board, in terms of high strength and light weight at 435gsm (770Micron).
The MirriNor sparkling  wine sample box demonstrates the seven key benefits of the material, that are; strength, protection, sustainability, environmental, efficiency, versatility and cost. 
The wine box artwork was converted using the Color-Logic Design Suite™, and has a unique patterned background that was created using Color-Logics' Dimensional-FX technique, which engages the consumer by adding an extra level of interaction and dimension to the printed product.
The Color-Logic system removes the need for white ink masking, as complex white ink areas are automatically generated as the designer integrates colours and effects from the Color-Logic palettes and plugins.

Richard Gillgrass, Managing Director of Mirri and Celloglas, commented, “MirriNor is a true innovation in material and offers a multitude of benefits that are clearly demonstrated through this sparkling wine box design”.
The box was UV litho printed by Color-logic licensed printer, Oriel, based in Hull. It was finished with an embossed effect on the top of the box, raising the MirriNor logo and giving it an extra dimension. The box also includes a reticulated varnish (also known as a spot Dew Drop varnish), which is laid down inline when printing onto the top and bottom of the box design giving a unique brushed aluminium effect. 
Richard Revell, Technical Sales Manager at Smurfit Kappa, commented; “ The innovative nature of this ready to use material means that a piece of stunning packaging can be created with much less requirement for further processing. This means that production can be turned around very quickly and with limited waste”.

Matt Swift, Sales Manager at MirriNor, commented; “MirriNor is ideally suited for the high end drinks packaging sector, due to it’s decorative nature and the high strength and protection provided by the Smurfit Kappa T-Flute element, making it very suitable for carrying bottles of sprits or wine etc”.
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Mon 27 / 05 / 2013