MirriNor enters the retail market with Warrenshaw Ltd designing environmentally friendly flower boxes for UK florists

Warrenshaw Ltd is an English manufacturer of flower vases that use MirriNor metallic material. The aim of their venture was to ensure box designs that were made to be both functional, but also appealing to the consumer. Barry Shaw, Managing Director of Warrenshaw Ltd commented; “Our brief for the vases was simple: we wanted a highly decorative, lightweight yet tough product, that is also environmentally friendly.”

All the vase ranges produced by Warrenshaw Ltd are specifically designed to be eco-friendly in a number of ways. This includes making sure the vases are made with the minimum amount of material possible, whilst being completely recyclable and made with FSC chain of custody accredited material. The vases come in a range of sizes, from mini (w120mm x h225mm x d120mm) to a standard size (w170mm x h165mm x d170mm).

Warrenshaw Ltd chose to use MirriNor material as it is made in partnership with Smurfit Kappa Sheetfeeding and uses patented Smurfit T-Flute microflute corrugated board as the base material. The T-Flute material has a number of benefits including high strength, whilst remaining super lightweight at 435gsm (770micron) and is designed to add extra protection while being transported, which can reduce the need for further transit packaging. 
The Mirri element of the material provides a high quality premium metallic surface, which is a film manufactured from cellulous and made from renewable wood-pulp that is 100% biodegradable. These factors were a bonus for Barry, he adds; “We have searched for a material with these environmental elements, but also with the ability to give us that premium finish we desired for a while to no avail; until now.” MirriNor is also available using a standard metallic polyester film. 
The flower vases were printed under license using Color-Logic software by Oriel, a UV Litho printer based in Hull. The vase colours were chosen from a wide array of metallic colours shown in Process Metallic Color Charts. Barry added; “The colour of the vases was a very important factor and Color-Logic has helped create colour consistency throughout the range”. 
Richard Gillgrass, Managing Director of Celloglas and Mirri, commented; “It’s great to see a manufacturer sticking to its values and using an environmentally friendly product such as MirriNor in today’s market. The material has been well received and we are glad to see it is being placed in the premium market, where it deserves to be”.
The flower vases were die cut to shape by UK leading print finisher Celloglas, at their Leeds Hunslet site and stored for periodic retail call offs.
Wed 13 / 02 / 2013