After the success of Find a Printer on the Mirri website, we have also developed a specific list for MirriNor. Find a Printer is a directory of printers that have recently worked with MirriNor product and have experience together with a focus on innovation.

This will predominately have printers for focus on the packaging sector. For a full list of printers that work with all types Mirri, go to

MirriNor is fully compatible with a wide range of printing techniques ( See Technical Support for more details). 

To see examples of completed campaigns with some of these printers, please view our gallery - More to folllow.

Please fill out the form below and a pdf will be emailed to you with the details of printers that you have requested.

You may experience a short delay.
If you are a printer and would like to find out more details about qualifying for a place on the 'Find a Printer' directory, please email