The Process Metallic Color System™ by Color-Logic is a patent pending technology which empowers its users to create and print striking special effect designs on paper, film or metallic substrates using either offset lithography, flexography, inkjet, screen or digital printing and is the most affordable system for adding special effects to print, enabling a Brands product to Standout from the competition.

Brands have been utilizing metallic and decorative effect substrates for years, but in some cases it can present a costly trial and error approach! Now, the revolutionary Color-Logic system provides a colour communication system and design tools to add impact and dimension to print utilizing metallic colours and effects only ever dreamed about.

Choice of substrate is paramount when it comes to getting on-shelf appeal and the combination of the award winning Color-Logic technology with MirriNor Specialist Board enables a brand to gain maximum impact on-shelf where 70 to 80 percent of all purchasing decisions are made.

Before Color-Logic, a Designer wishing to create a spectacular metallic design would require time-consuming work in prepress with an element of guesswork viagra buy cheap. But now with just a few clicks of the mouse, sparkling metallic images and special effects can be created with the upmost confidence and visualized on-screen in metallic using Color-Logic’s new 3D viewing tool, the FX-Viewer™.

Printers benefit from a colour communication system for metallics, which is compatible with their printing process, versus the trial and error approach they currently have to utilize today.

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See below a video with the Chief Technical Officer of Color-Logic explaining the software.